Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kieren: 14 Days old ~~ The Big Backyard Picnic~~

June 23, 2010 WED - Kieren is 14 days old.

We went to see Dr. Chadha today for Kierens two week visit. He weight 3440 grams. He is still a little jaundice, so we have to come back on Tuesday to check it out.

We were so hungry that we got Harveys burger for lunch. We have  a big backyard picnic under the sun. The weather is very nice, and Karlina enjoyed chasing the gulls (seagulls) i think.

We stayed home after, and Rob pick up Kenny from Sawmill Creek.
It is a quite night and staying home, laid back and played computer games.

Kieren is happy breastfeed.

My sore neck is still there, but its getting better now.
Karlina eats lots of blueberries, cheese and crackers.

I eat a lot mostly lettuce, cheese, berries.

We also ate corn in a cob, looks like its corn season again. :)

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