Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kieren: 21 Days old ~~ And Tita Belle Saves the Bell~~

June 30, 2010 WED - Kieren turned 21 days old.

Kieren turned 21 days old and he is very good baby. He eat, sleep, poop and eat again. And yes, he enjoys drinking breast milk, he is very good at that. He sort of vomit it, and some comes out of his nose.

Rob and I are in the middle of arguing about the breast pump, ah not really. Total disclosure i think, its like reading the fine print in every contract, which I don't do. Just read the basics, and its all the usual routine.
I just basically blurt out that I do not want to make decisions anymore. Life would be easier that way.

I got the 2 loads of half dried laundry courtesy of the black out last night. Oh well, life.

We confirmed that we gonna join the Kelly clan reunion on July 3rd at Shawville. I love events, but preparing for such is nightmare. Hope I do not get stress out.

Belle came over after lunch time, bringing some food. It was nice not to prepare anything. She is a kind of friend who can deal with Robs crazy antics.

We chit chat till afternoon, and it was good. Belle offered to take Kenny to Bible camp for July 21-23, and I said yes. Oh well, he better be off my case and enjoy some other kids.


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