Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kieren: 9 days old ..... and the Stress of the New Parents

June 18, 2010 FRIDAY

Kieren turned 9 days old today. Last night, he rolled over twice, probably because he is a small baby and easy to roll.

We also had a visit with the Ottawa Public Health Nurse to check on us and our new baby. Her name is Suzanne.

She checked me for signs of post partum depression and I answered a questionaire. Rob mentioned that they should also check  for the  fathers because they undergo changes as well.
These are the changes that fathers tackle as the mother gave birth to a new baby: no sex for six (6) weeks, constant crying of the baby, sleeplessness, taking care of the household,  and taking care of older siblings?
How many men easily adopt to new routine?
Can anyone cope with these changes without depression?

She checked our baby's general well being: my feeding skills, she actually looked  at how Kieren is latching on my breast. Good thing that Kieren made a perfect show and we pass with flying colors.

She checked Kieren's weight and we found out that  is back to his wieght at birth  3030 grams. She also have his discharge weight from QCH which is 2815 grams.

She discuss on SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and mentioned that smoking is a factor in SIDS. It did not sit well on Rob who is a smoker, but well, I guess she is just doing a checklist.

She also checked on home safety, and she notice that we get an F. Kieren was sleeping on the soft diaper change pad on top of a playpen with lots of pillows to elevate him. I can't really bend well, because my uterus is still contracting, so he has to be elevated somehow.

Tell me, how many newborn babies actually sleep on their crib? Most mothers I know of, the baby normally sleep in bed with them, and of course, it is not safe again in the name of SIDS.

In China, where population is the highest, where does baby sleep?

Well, in general, the nurse actually are very helpful with our questions and we really appreciate that.

But also, how many parents feel that "we are being judge with our parenting skills on our very vulnerable moment?"
Imagine just few days out of the hospital still bleeding, and being questioned, and taught things about babies and mother?
Do you feel intimidated?
Do you think anything get through my head?

Many mom's survive on auto pilot on the first few weeks. Instinct. And I hope they base their reports on these factors, not just what is seen there. If a messy house is indicative of parenting skills, I already failed.

At the end of the day, I decided to buy a bassinet for Kieren to sleep. I was happy that the seller agreed to deliver it to me, and now I am using it.

~~~The picture above is a file photo from Sears Catalog. Mine is the same with color with Safari Prints.~~~

Rob and I mentioned to the nurse that we will get a crib in the next two month, because we are moving to a townhouse. But she said, right now, we need something better for Kieren to sleep on. So, I guess, the baby safety while sleeping...I failed on that too. But beginning Friday night, we passed. LOL

At the end of the nurse visit, she mentioned that our file will be close and no more nurse visits to us. Maybe, overall, we demonstrate capacity to take care of ourselves and our 3 kids. Thank you.

At the end of the visit, we both get so tired, we eat, and then went back to nap, including Karlina.

Kenneth my 5 years old plays with the Gloucester Dragons at 6:30pm and Rob took him to the game. Father and son had fun, and it was all good.

Karlina and Kieren stayed with me. 


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