Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kieren: 13 Days ~~ A Trip to Ottawa International Airport~~

June 22, 2010 Tuesday: Kieren turned 13 days old today.

It is a nice day, so I took Kenny to his bus stop with Kieren and Karlina on the double stroller.

We come home, and get ready to come with Daddy at the airport. Daddy have to hand in his forms for paternity leave. It was fun day.

Karlina poured water on herself, so we end up buying a new outfit for her: Ottawa Senators dress. We bus home.

Daddy cooked some dinner, and he also came out to pick up Kenny while mommy folds the laundry from yesterday.

I loaded 2 loads of laundry again, because laundry will be close for cleaning tomorrow.

I also enrolled Kenneth to summer programs: soccer (Tuesdays) and swimming (Mondays).

Karlina woke up at about 9pm, and i played with her till 11 pm. She decided to call it a night at about 11pm. I hope she will sleep through the night.

Rob sleep at 9pm, so hope he gets well rested. He sleep very little today.

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