Friday, February 24, 2012

Beans: Seed Propagation Indoors

March 24, 2012. this beans are ready to go out. and are they flowering already?

McKenzie Bean, Yard long orient wonder and Garden Centers Beans - Stringless Green Pod

February 17, 2012. THURSDAY
I have bought a small Jiffy greenhouse for $4 at walmart. It comes in 36 coirs and a lid. I saved it for something special seed, but accidentally Karlina opened it, and she wanted to put seeds.

SO, we end up sowing beans by pouring water in the coir pellets, and stick the beans in it. I know, its way too early. At this rate, you can see beans growing in my cupboard, till who knows when these snow clears. Ottawa is mild now, but it might still have hailing snow in March.

The coir pellets were very nice when you have young kids, since it is easy to handle and less mess compared to pouring soil.

So, here are the varieties:
McKenzie - Asian Vegetables - this is the bean yard long orient wonder. I own heirloom seeds like these as a kid.

Beans - Stringless Green Pod - by Garden Center Seeds

Unfortunately, they germinate in a very short period of time, so here they are.
36 coirs of Beans....and were am I gonna put them now?

Beans, beans and more beans....Want some?


  1. Those are the little things I bought earlier this week! Do you know if it's possible to buy refill pellets? This thing is awesome!

    1. Lynne: I live near South Keys Mall, and yes Walmart does sell refill pellets.

      Loblaws sell it too, but I found that they sell exactly same Jiffy, but more expensive.

      I think it was like $4.50 for a batch of 25 coir pellets.