Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seed Propagation: Mirabilis jalapa (4 o clock seed propagation)

mirabilis jalapa seed propagation feb. 22, 2012

its getting warmer in ottawa, i am inspired to sow some more seeds. this is a packet of mirabilis jalapa, 4 o clock . I soaked the seeds for about 4 hours before putting them in coir pellets. I covered it with transparent plastic for humidity, then put under shop light.

i have not tried germinating this one indoors, so I let you know how long.

Update: March 16, 2012. The seeds germinated, but they seem lanky, probably, they needed more light. I put 2 of them already in a small 4 inch grower pot and it seem to improve the condition and they start to grow bulkier. you can see them in the peat pellet, sort of sick with bulimic.

March 17, 2012. The tray with 4 o clock seeds sprouted, not much of a miracle. You can see some of the other seeds are tall, and bulimic and the other ones are just starting to wake up.
Anyhow, will update how these babies will grow.
i will try growing them in small pots.

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