Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coleus Seed Propagation: New Brilliant Mix by McKenzie Seeds

UPDATE: March 31, 2012 - I counted 5 of them and I transferred them to individual grower pot.
The count is low, however, I am hoping these seeds are really brilliant. If not, buy seeds on Ebay, they are from gardeners who tested their seeds.

I have been very lucky with my previous seed germination for coleus that I tried another batch of New Brilliant Mix by McKenzie Seeds.

The Set Up:

6 inch pot
potting soil
1 pack of seeds
water, about 1-2 cups

plastic film to cover the pot

cinnamon - for good luck, the seeds will sprout ( maybe i meant to kill fungus that eat baby plants)

1. I fill the pot with 3/4 potting soil mix. I water it gently with one cup of water.
2. I opened the seed packet and sprinkle the seeds. IMPORTANT: Do not cover the seeds, it is very tiny, and it needs light to germinate.
3. I sprinkle cinnamon on top - do not thicken it, just easy sprinkle. A little shake.
4. Water gently, on top of the seeds and cinnamon.
5. Cover the pot with a plastic top - that is to copy the greenhouse humidity dome.

And she is set to germinate in 5 days.
NOTE: This is the first time I am using a regular potting mix. In previous experiment, I sterilize my soil, by putting it in the microwave or oven and my home really stinks. So, this time...i want to know if coleus seeds can survive on non sterile seed mix. Have you seen seedling mix in the store? It is expensive.

I will update soon.


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