Friday, February 24, 2012

Hosta Seed Propagation Indoors

march 24, 2012 - lance shape leaves:)

march 24, 2012. The leaves show me a Sieboldiana trait.

March 24, 2012 I counted 24 small pots of hosta.


Last summer, 2 to 3 attempts at hosta seed propagation failed. None showed up. NADA!

A neighbor of mine notice some seed pods of her hosta in fall2011 and offered it to me. While I was sad that I never had success, I said ...hmm, why not?

I forget about sterile seed mix.
I used potting soil, added vermiculite, perlite and pour hot water on the mix. As it cool down, I added the hosta seeds on top.

No, I did not pray for miracles this time. None happened before, so this one must be some random chances of the universal order of things.

It was a clam shell from salad with a lid.
A heat mat was handy.

Running out of space, I put it inside my cupboard of all places.
To my surprised, she did germinate, and no damped off.

So here she is, hosta la vista, my first successful attempt at hosta seed propagation.

I will update once I am done moving them to a grower pot individually.

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