Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seed Propagation Cantaloupe Delicious

March 24, 2012 - these cantaloupes are ready for anyone's garden.

update: March 3, 2012. Looks like half of the flat of seeds germinated already. Yay!

Cantaloupe seeds sown in the coir pellets , a tray of 36 pellets

SEED PROPAGATION Cantaloupe Delicious

february 15, 2012

this is a regular mckenzie seeds- it says 95-105 days, probably a 3 month fruit

from the seed packet, sow indoors 5-7 weeks, probably it is more than 7 weeks before last frost, but what can i tell you? I'm excited about spring
bright orange flesh
fruit size: 15 by 125 cm ( 6 by 5 inches) good luck with that
germination : 5-10 days
vitamin content: a, b2, c and fibre

I am using a Jiffy greenhouse with 36 coir pellets This is my first time trying this, since Promix Sterile seed mix is only available at Ritchies in Ottawa and I don't drive, so can't go that far. So far, the coir expanded well, so this might be a good alternative than my usual geeky soil mix. Maybe there was like 70 seeds and 2 seeds each pellet.

So, she is done for now will check her back in 10 days. Good luck baby seeds!

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