Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blogs and Websites of Note (reference, humour, information)

Well, it is obvious that i love plants, and since the internet is a source of good information, i bookmarked blogs here, whether it is funny, useful, or just for some good reference.

1. Shirley, - LA, Calif, USA base gardener. Her videos are short and simple.

PATSP - Iowa City, Iowa, USA - indoor plants and its humor at best. Very good evaluation of houseplants.
3. Ann's Hosta Gallery - I have not known anyone who has the nicest, and greatest Hosta Collection in Ottawa, except Ann. Very lovely hosta, check it out yourself.
4. Hosta Library - extensive pictures and description of hosta in your collection.

5. Hosta Registrar - registration and details of every hosta you can find on the planet.

6. I stumbled upon this website looking for names of plants I found in the Philippines.
American Orchid Society Botanical Garden, FL, USA,

7. Filipino High School Students bringing the Alternative Medicine to the Web - Plants are approved by Philippines department of health (DOH).

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