Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seed Propagation: Rosemary officianalis

Picture 5. Rosemary seeds sprouting and showing signs of growth. Taken 10 days after sowing.

Picture 4. Covered seeds to put under light in the basement. No heat mat, just light.

Picture 3. Soil mix with seeds on top. And Cinnamon. Ask me why if you don't know what is the cinnamon for.

Picture 2. Rosemary seeds in wet paper towel for 24 hours.

Picture 1. Rosemary seed packet.

Seed propagation: rosemary officinalis (February 04, 2012)

This is my first attempt at propagating rosemary. Yes, I googled how others do it to add my confusion. Many said its slow germinating, and i am better off buying a plant. Well, $2.00 is all I got, hence the packet seeds (picture 1).

I put the seeds in the paper towel, spray a little bit of water(Picture 2), fold it in half and seal it in the zip lock bag. I recall that water moisture will seep on the seeds, and it will swell, then it will aid germination. (Sterns: Introductory Plant Biology). So, it was done.

The next day, I opened the seeds, it is so sticky. NO NO NO, nobody told me it will stick to the paper towel and how I am suppose to pick it up?
Well, textbook was right again. Seeds swell, those the water seep in it, hence this one is ready for sowing. Now the tricky part is to transfer seeds to the soil medium. The seed coat is sticky. Why did I not read the book twice? Taking the seeds out of the paper towel is a mess. I tried spraying it with water with no success.
So, I scrape off few, and did not cover it will soil. spray it to moist, not soggy. It it looks mudcake, toss it off. Don't think it will work and dry off, it will not!

Those that stayed on the paper towel, duh! I covered the paper towel with soil, and said something like "you germinate seeds if you like, okay, I tried my best already".

My soil mix is not sterile - probably left over indoor potting soil with perlite & vermaculite.

To prevent damped off, I put cinnamon(picture 3). This one is not in the textbook, one of those random online article told me cinnamon prevents damped off. So, yeah...why not?

The container was a salad clam shell, transparent, so I just slit some holes in it using a knife.
I sealed it tight, and bring her down to the basement(picture 4)

The seed packet says:
Germination 7-28 days, maturity at 85 days.

Having said that, then an update soon. :)

Update: February 10. 2012 FRI. (5 days after sowing) . Baby rosemary has germinated. I counted 5 of them.
So, these seeds will germinate without heat pad, just decent flourescent light in the basement.

Update: February 15, 2012 WED (ten days after sowing). Finally, taken picture of baby rosemary. There is about more than 10 of them. Looks like they are starting to show growth (picture 5).

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