Friday, February 17, 2012

Coleus Seed Propagation - Ebay seeds (Ebay userid: flowerangel0607)

March 31, 2012 - A single seed germinated from the Super Rainbow Salmon Lace batch.
This better stay alive, for she is a single one.

coleus seed propagation feb. 17, 2012

i have successfully propagated coleus seeds in the past and again today, I propagated another batch of 50 seeds.

wizard scarlet - 25 seeds [bronze red beauty]
super rainbow salmon lace - 25 seeds

SOIL: It is just an ordinary indoor potting soil, Schultz I think. I put the seeds on top of the soil, and then spray water to keep it moist. DO not cover, it will take forever to germinate if you cover the seeds with soil

CONTAINER:they are put inside 1 lb clam shell of strawberry. perfect container, it is transparent, and it has holes already.
LIGHT: i put them under light, NO HEAT MAT, it will toast your seeds. That's what happen to my very first project. Coleus needs light, not heat.

i will update soon.

SEED SOURCE: these batch of seeds comes from ebay - "share the beauty", Linda from Bertram Texas. ebay user ID : flowerangel0607. Bought about Sept 2011.

Note: I wrote my seed source, because I will definitely buy again if I get lucky.

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