Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fit For Life: Goodlife Fitness, and Activities at Home

Zumba for PS3, Kenneth trying to beat the game to reach Zumbathon, and Kieren as back up Dancer.

A comfortable starting position with Yoga in the Living Room - Saturday Edition, hosted by Karlina.

A difficult position for beginners, but she looks fine.

Karlina with her teddy bear named Monkey, enjoying a Yoga pose on a Saturday morning at home.

Go Horsey go, err...go Iceberg Go!

Sledding or our idea of Ice Climbing

February 18, 2012

Fit for Life - on fitness, family life, and healthy habits.

I am a mom of 3 young children, and I am describe as crazy. Last night, after I put my kids to bed, kiss my husband goodnight and I went Rock Climbing to Vertical Reality until midnight. I came home about 12:30 past midnight, crawl to be and sleep. I came home with blisters and bloody fingers and sore muscles.

While I have to admit that having children restrict me from doing fitness activities, it is also a duty of a parent to train their kids to love, and enjoy fitness for life. And possibly, find fitness activities that includes the whole family.

I was -- saying was because I use to do it regularly, but not anymore.
"rock climbing, long distance mountain biking, marathon running, karate geek, skiing, skating. "

Becoming a mother changed all that. Activities have been changed and modified to adopt to my children's needs. Rock climbing becomes random climbing on the trees in the our area, to the amusement of my nosy neighbors. Long distance mountain biking has become a short bike ride and long push of the bike to the park before my 3 year old have a tantrum. Marathon running is converted to running to the corner store to buy some milk. Karate has become a self defense trick to avoid projectile vomit, and random hits from a 18 month old who have cute tantrum. Skiing has become sledding which hurts my bum as the snowbagon flies off. Skating has become a risky sport because our walk ways are not salted, so we are walking on skating rinks.

Additional activities came up too. I never been a fan of dancing but well, "I just do it" because I need energy to be able to run to the corner store.

I joined Goodlife Fitness last Nov 2011, just to find that solace and peace, on times when I needed diversion. Plus, they have amazing cardio class, such as Zumba party, and Body Combat.

My darling husband bought a ZUMBA for PS 3 last Christmas 2011, and so my family dance Zumba in our basement.
Wiggles Dance Party DVDs is on every Friday morning. I dance with the kids to the tunes of Wiggles. Imagine that?

Karlina opened my yoga mat, and does her yoga. She is only 3 years old.

Kenneth mastered PS3 Zumba and he has reach the level of Zumbathon.

Kieren, my youngest has reached his maximum potential as a boxer at 18 months and my goal is to avoid any random punches hitting my face.

While not everyone can dance to Wiggles, I invite every parent to put on a dance CD before supper, after supper, on your day off, or do something that keep your kid moving. Not only you are teaching and training them to be fit for life, but also you are showing them to how to do it. You might skip hospital visits if you do these on regular basis.

Obesity is not the problem, it is only the result of misplaced values. We never come back to the roots. The roots being that - of family values, of why we have children to begin with, of what is important for a child development?
Obesity is a result of or the lack of values with teach to our children.

When parents stop being healthy and active, the child learns not to be active. The child accepted the fact that when mommy and daddy is home, we will have quite times because they are tired. The child learn that being hyper is bad. By the time they are hook to electronic games at the age of 7, we wonder how he got there? Those moments you want him quite because you are on the phone? The moments that you put him in front of the TV because you have to cook supper, or you took your work home.
The moment you stop believing that being active is normal --- that is when you already climb the obesity ladder.

While I have my moments, I tried to integrate fitness to my daily routine.
I am a caregiver, not just for my own children, but of others.

While any caregiver is bound to improve herself, by taking courses in areas of nursing, early childhood education, I am going a different direction.

I will keep advancing myself in the fitness arena, by becoming a Zumba Dance Instructor, by becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer and by immersing myself in Healthy Nutrition. And living by example to my children in any day, in any area where I can include Fitness.
My daughter watch a Yoga Video with me, and see what she is capable of?

I believe that when children develop a habit of dancing, exploring outdoors, eating healthy and self-esteem, that they will be happier and free of health problems. They will not be bulletproof, but they are equipped with skills necessarily to live a productive life, and fit for life.

Ladies and gentlemen including those in between: Are you up to the challenge of being fit for life?

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