Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kieren: 26 Days Old ~~ The Breast Pump Goes Home~~

MON July 5, 2010 - Kieren turns 26 days old.

The puke still come out of his nose...poor little guy. That must have hurt. He seems to have lots of gas too. It is a task to let him burp.

He needs to be on his belly to feel better. When he is on his back, he feels choked by his own vomit. So he has to be on his side or on his belly most of the time.

Kenny seems to sleep noons, so he miss his 3pm swim. Oh well, we will just bring him to a smaller pool in the backyard.

Since Karlina sleep in, we decided to stay in. We lounge at home and daddy cooked pizza for dinner. Karlina discovered our dining table, and behold she is sitting on top of it. :)

Speaking of the breast pump, I called in today to return it, but Lana won't be in till July 12th.

Bleeding: yes, I'm still bleeding. Still waiting for the day that my bleeding stops and I can actually jump in the swimming pool.

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