Friday, July 23, 2010

Kieren: 42 Days old ~~ Laundry Day~~

WED JUL 21, 2010 - Kieren turns 42 days old.

Kieren turns 42 days old and he seems to be a wiggly little guys. He would push back and he definitely is a mover for such a young fellow. He poops regularly, (yellow bunch) and still 100% breastfeed. He enjoys walks in the park and he seem to sleep very well when I am out walking.

KARLINA the EXPLORER: Karlina enjoys our big backyard and she enjoys the exploring phase. She would try to go over obstacles, and chase the ducks by the pond.

VBS: Kenny is joining a 3 day Vacation Bible School at the PMCC. It is a good thing for him, because he mingles with kids of his age.

And the laundry keeps piling up, so the laundry duty begins. :)

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