Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kieren: 37 days old ~~ The Shopping Spree~~

fri 16th July 2010 - Kieren turns 37 days old.

Kieren and I sleep in our masters bedroom and have a good sleep.

Blowjob - that is my job,  it is done today.
Shopping - i went shopping for the kids and the family. I bought white socks for daddy, pink top for mommy, bubbles & freezes for the kids, and Kieren's pacifier, which he never use yet.

I also went to Winner to buy Kenny's helmet and swim googles.
I went to GLOBO to buy my Nike men's flip flops & Karlina's sandals. Yes, i have wide foot, so the mens sandals fit me better.

Soccer - the game for Gloucester dragons was in Letrim Field today and I took Kenneth and Kieren with me. Daddy stayed home with Karlina.

It was a nice day...:)

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