Friday, July 23, 2010

Kieren: 41 Days Old ~~ Bumps & Bumps Karlina~~

TUE 20 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 41 days old. 

It was a nice warm summer day, and Kieren is continuing to grow. He looks great on an "orange suit onesy". He also grow very nicely, he has now a double chin, and chubby check.  He seem to love the cuddle time, and he constantly crave for hug time. Guess everyone needs that hugy time, but babies have more clear expression of need: "I will cry if you don't hug and cuddle me".

TANTRUMS: Karlina is a little terror, she climbs everywhere, and the tantrums started. She will be lying around and cry if she does not get what she want. Overall, she is developing a milestone, tantrums are normal for toddler. She also love the swimming pool and fearless.

SOCCER GAME: Kenny enjoyed the soccer games on TUESDAYS at Trappers Park by GRDO ( and we all go and watch him play.
Beside the field, Karlina enjoyed the play structure and she enjoys bumping in there. She climbs and slides on her own. Of course, she bumps and bumps...
maybe hurting her sometime, but its all for the fun!:)

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