Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kieren: 27 Days Old ~~The Light Show at Parliament Hill~~

TUE- July 6, 2010 - Kieren turns 27 days old.

I wake up late, and I decided to take the kids out. One double stroller and Kenny  and off we go downtown.

We reached Rideau Center. We got cold drinks - Gatorade baby. I might be the worst mom out there, dowsing my kids with Gatorade. We also got some muffins and cinnamons at RichTree. We got frozen yougort, and went to Parliament Hill.
There was a "yoga at the parliament" and for some reason Kenny decided to follow their moves. Really hot, even if it was 6pm.
We went back to Rideau Center, and Rob joined us. We got Tim Hortons for dinner, and head back to Parliament Hill again for the Light Show. The Light Show did not start until 10pm, because it depends on darkness to work out.
The light show ended, it was really nice. Going home was a chore because we are competing against the returning crowd from Bluesfest. :)

We got home after midnight. :) what a day!

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