Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kieren: 34 Days old ~~ Two Become One~~

TUE 13 JULY 2010- kieren turned 34 days.

It is a rainy day, I took Kieren to the walk in clinic.
a. He has some heat rash
b. He has some skin irritation along the bum area, and Dr. Chadha prescribe him with a cream to apply to his sensitive skin.

Kieren have a bit low grade fever last night, so the check up was to follow up on that. He is sleeping well, and feed very often, that I think my milk runs out.

We also went to BMO, my husband added me to his account, so I can get coins for laundry, but also withdraw any money i need for us. TWO BECOME JOINT ACCT.

We stayed home for the afternoon, because of thundershowers forecast. We even stayed home for Kenny, and cancel his soccer game.

BLEEDING: and i finally don't have my bleeding. Yay

Blowjob: Yes, it is my job and I did it.


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