Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kieren: 24 Days Old ~~ And He Went to Shawville~~

SAT July 3, 2010 Kieren turned 24 days old.

We have a sort of rough night last night, Karlina seems to be awake half the time and keeps her daddy awake. So as Kieren, he cannot seem to get comfortable, and those curious eyes were wide open.

Mom invited us over for the reunion of the Kelly clan, the family of mom's mother. It was nice, the kids enjoyed and great food.
The travel was another story. Kieren whined half way because he needs to feed. We need to stop at Arnprior to give him some breast milk. That's one disadvantage of breastfeeding, you can't just feed him while travelling unless you pump and feed him from a bottle. That was about 20-30 minutes feeding time.

We come home, exhausted, and full of happy memories. We took some pictures. Karlina danced to the live band, and we meet some family members. We don't know 80% of them, its like our great great grandmothers and grandfathers.........but it was all good.

Good food, you cannot say no to that. :)

And we went to bed, my husband and I spent like 2 minutes together, then Kieren whined for attention.

Bleeding: I am still bleeding and it is uncomfortable going to bed with sanitary pads.

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