Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kieren: 48 days old ~~ And the Rite of Passage for Kids~~

TUE 27 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 48 days old. 

Baby Kieren is very alert and he start to roll over to his belly. He has strong neck and also strong kick. He has a chubby check, :)))) and he feeds very well. He is purely breastfeed.

DAY 2 for packing up for our move to our new garden home. Uncle Ron came from Montreal to help us.

We spend the morning at Sawmill Creek Park and the afternoon at Trappers Park attending Kennys soccer practise.  :))

Karlina like eating sand, or tasted it at some point... the rite of passage for every toddler.
As one mom says, "for the first born, we are about to go to CHEO. With the second one, we find it cute, take a video and upload it on youtube. "
Phew...welcome to Parenthood.

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