Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kieren: 44 Days Old ~~ And why does it have to rain on Friday? ~~

FRI 23 JULY 2010 - kieren turns 44 days old.

My sweet chubby check Kieren is so alert and he is getting the hang of rolling over. He can roll on his belly, but have a hard time getting to his back. Still, it is a very good movement that impress me. He has strong legs, and he can push like crazy. I did not know that climbing strength is influence by genetics!

Karlina dear is our little monkey. if you turn your back, she will climb on everything: parked strollers, table, computer chair, dressers.

Kenny: he is such an inquisitive active kid, i wish, i have more time to train him on the road. :)

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