Monday, July 19, 2010

Kieren: 39 Days Old ~~ Laundry oh Laundry~~

SUN July 18, 2010 Kieren turns 39 days old.

kieren starts to be more aware now, and he spend some few waking moments trying to roll side to side. He can see toys, and tries to reach for it.
He feed well, and still pukes come out of his nose most of the time. He is very healthy, despite his heat rash.

Karlina is at par with her developmental milestones. She climb on everything, and everything means....chairs, tables, strollers, trees outdoors. She is very funny and sometimes scary.

Kenny is still Kenny. At 5, he years for attention all the time. He likes to win all the time. He likes to boss around. He likes many things. He has limited attention span, and he jump from one game to another. He is a very helpful young man.

Today, house is busy. Daddy is out of commission, he can't move, his left leg is badly bruised still.

I did laundry after laundry, and our bedroom laundry is done. Just needed folding and kids laundry need to be done soon.

I ended my day.......tired, but happy. I have a small family, and we are here together. :)

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